In 2010, Jenny Moe - artist, pianist and songwriter from Brumunddal, Norway, began creating her musical landscape within the genre of popular music, leading up to her debut album Mon Capitiane (Arch Records 2014). Taking classical piano lessons from age 7 and a songwriter since age 16, it wasn't until later, during an Erasmus year in Paris in her 4th year of medical school, that the young norvégienne performed on stage alone for the first time, at Pop In in the 11th arrondissement and later at Café L'Envol Québécois and Café Universel in the Latin Quarters. It was during this stay in the for her life defining City of Lights, between neurology classes and psychiatry exams far away from the everyday life in Oslo, that she wrote the song that was to be the album title track Mon Capitaine, capturing her motivation for the launching of her music career and the spirit to work hard for what you deep down already know you want. This attitude also brought about her innovative and first in history Norwegian crowdfunded music video for the same track, produced by the media giant Attitude Enterprises in Dubai 2013, with horses and the perfect visualisation of the point from the song: with belief in your dream paired up with hard work, nothing is impossible.

On her return to Oslo in 2010, she teamed up initially with different musicians whom she got to know through her sister Guro Skumsnes Moe, a bass player and vocalist for the hard rock band MoE. After a few years the team consisted of a new band, with guitarist Are Kvamstad, percussionist Gunhild Hjermundrud (Bazooka Boppers) and bass player Magnus Hængsle (Turns). With well-known pop connoisseurs Magnus Hængsle and Per Martin Nordlie (Samsaya, Blind Archery Club), she began producing her debut album in 2012 at Nordlie's studio The Safehouse. For the string arrangements, she worked with Harald Bugge and Alf Lund Godbolt. "The recording process was so exceptionally good. When starting up with band rehearsals, I would struggle to communicate what I wanted with my songs. It took me time to find the people whom I could talk with easily and create my soundscape with. Per Martin has a great personality and with him, Magnus and the rest of the band, the building could begin. Through weeks and weeks we'd work on each song. The highlight? Except for everything, it was the day the string quartet added their magic to the songs".


Signed to Arch Records in 2013, her debut album today has a solid acoustic foundation, partially wrapped up in a synthetic layer of JUNO-synths and processed guitars. The sound of the album places it between artist such as Jessie Ware, Adele and Rufus Wainwright, but with a touch of Nordic fierceness and melancholia. Her lyrics are always laden with a palpable emotion, be it despair, ambition or restlessness. This makes her performances, solo or with her band, often being described as mesmerizing, and her ability to convey a specter of emotions onto the audience makes her into a captivating artist well worth experiencing live. She has previously performed on festivals and stages around Norway, scenes in London and Paris, as well as supported Norway's biggest live band Kaizers Orchestra.